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  • The RIGHT Resume’ – The TPR’s view
    Resume’s, CVs, Bio Datas, Career History – many names are put to this Document which is – supposedly – the starting point for anyone looking for a “ Better Career ” than his / her present one . And there are several websites , consultants and softwares claiming to deliver THAT resume which will get you YOUR Dream Job ! Some of them are free – except for your time – and some of them cost you a fair amount of money ! But MOST of them do NOT consider what could be a critical link in your Job Search […]More

  • Liar Liar ….pants on fire ?
    Honesty pays. Don’t lie. Be Trustworthy. I remember there was a time values such as above were taken as a given. And a deviation was punished. Strictly and swiftly. Many of “my” generation would recall ( I surely do….:-)  ) the times we stood on our school benches – or were given a good slap – to atone one of corresponding sins. Which is why perhaps, even now most of us would try not to deviate. What now ? Just focusing on the Job / Recruitment Industry, here is some interesting data for you ! Check out  which says […]More

  • Is “Social Media” Getting You Jobs ? – Partial Survey Results ( please participate ! )
    Is Social Media getting you jobs ? And what is more important -doing your job well or spending time on Social Networks trying to increase your ” Social influence” ? And in any case just HOW do you increase your social influence ? Well, to get some facts on at least one aspect of it, we started a Survey in 2014, the results as on early July 2014 are : Survey Results as on 4th July 2014   To get the current picture, I have REVIVED the survey and  you can find it at : Title : ‘Effectiveness of Job […]More

  • CV Writing .. done the right way ?
      CV Writing .. the  right way ? Quite true actually, and well put 🙂 I have seen  many, many pretty similar .  Supposedly from “professional” resume writing services . Personally, I feel it is better to be true to yourself rather than stuff your CV with jargon and keywords maybe even you can’t substantiate / know the meaning of !  Long experience tells us that is the right way to go….. Want another viewpoint ? …here is just  another link quickly found from Googleshwar ! : So what is YOUR opinion and experience ? Comment in and share […]More

  • Why training matters
     The Importance of Training     Here is a very effective “dialogue ” to ponder over whenever you as a CEO/ Employer are wondering whether all those training costs are worthwhile ! The CFO to the CEO :”What happens if we invest in developing our people & then they leave us?” The CEO : ‘What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”More

  • Successful Person’s most important habit….
          The successful person has the habit of doing the things failures don’t like to do… They don’t like doing them either necessarily. But their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.   – E.M. GrayMore

  • An Expert Engineer in Business Land…
    The ” Expert” An Expert Engineer has to many times face up and reconcile to people for whom sales and business are paramount and who expect the ” expert ” to do anything ! Here is a hilarious yet very familiar scenario similar to those played out very often… Sure it is exaggerated a bit, but gets across the point very well. Enjoi !More

  • This Is NOT An Actual Job Application Submitted To McDonald’s – but FUNNY all the same !
        There are different variants of this floating on the Net – some say an application for McDonald’s from a 17 year old guy who ended up getting hired. Well , the truth is it was made in 1997 – almost pre-historic times, , and is still funny !   Taken from : And for more ” analysis” you could see : So here it follows – maybe some inspiration for some ? ====== NAME: Greg Bulmash DESIRED POSITION: Reclining. Ha ha. But seriously, whatever’s available. If I was in a position to be picky, I wouldn’t […]More

  • How to explain Career Gap and establish suitability for the job ?
    Question : I am a MBA Graduate passed out in 2012. I worked in a distribution company as Administrative Executive for 8 months (January 2012 to august 2013) I didn’t taken any certificates like offer letter, reliving letter. After a long gap now I am searching for job in Human Resource Department. Can you please help me out on : a) How can I handle the interview without certifications and b) How can I self check whether I will suitable for the department or not?   Answer a) It depends upon how was your parting with the Company. If it […]More

  • The Dilemmas of Life and Work !
        Had seen this awhile ago, then lost it now found it again ! So preserving it here since it captures beautifully the Dilemmas of Life and Work ! If you have any, share in !More

  • Is your CV OUTSTANDING ?
                            Market YOURSELF with an OUTSTANDING CV !! Inspite of all the advances in Technology and developments such as E Recruitment, Social Recruitment etc., the plain old CV still remains a candidate’s first ” Foot in the Door” for any opportunity he applies for. Everyone at some point in their Career will have to create a CV. And within bounds of his/ her competencies will have to attempt to make it outstanding so that amongst the many ( sometimes hundreds ! ) of Competitors it stands out. if no […]More

  • What Successful people do most….
      Nice infographic a friend sent across… . Pretty clear I think, and a pointer for me to check frequently where I miss…       Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2014Original content here is published under these license terms: X License Type:3License Summary:More

  • 50 Reasons To Exercise [Infographic]
     Exercise is good for your body, mind AND Career ! Need more reasons… Read on , The Ultimate Exercise Motivation – 50 Reasons To Exercise! It’s easy to stay committed when you have a good reason to. How about 50 powerful reasons to exercise? Thank you Neila Rey!   Lifts your mood Improves learning abilities Builds self-esteem…More

  • Do technical job interviews need to change?
    Interesting post which could be of use to all in the IT  Recruitment domain…. IT companies these days put a lot of effort in hiring the right minds for their firms.  Top IT firms these days want to suck up the most brilliant minds in the competition back to their offices. These students are the ones who were excellent performers…More

  • Confidentiality – the Recruiter’s View
    Sealed Lips Sink No Ships ! Confidentiality – The Recruiter’s View Do these Scenarios sound familiar ? A)  You call up a Recruiter for  position advertised. Express your interest and need to know the Company Details. But Recruiter says he cannot tell you that. Instead he asks you to mail in your profile. B) A Recruiter calls you up. After some preliminary discussions, when you ask for the Company Name , he declines and says will revert if ” further interest ” No doubt this is frustrating. Why does the Recruiter  do that? At the same time, in such a […]More

  • The Viva Voce
    This is indeed hilarious and reminded me of my Engineering Days ! Vivas were always  a pain in the b… 🙂 And various means were tried but generally not with as hilarious results as these ! See the video below the snap.                     [vsw id=”Ojy_UgBZbxo” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]   NOTE : If you know of some FUNNY Career / Recruitment related Videos, leave the Links in the Comments section and we will try to put them up ! Many thanks ….More

  • Learn which Job posts to apply to get a reply !
    Learn which Job posts to apply to get a reply – and forget those which lead nowhere ! As a Recruiter we obviously give Job Advertisements in various media . And also observe a LOT of others . Frankly, to us, many Job Advertisements seem to exist just to gather some “data ” and keep everyone in the process “busy” – for reasons I have yet to understand fully ! On the other hand, if the Objective is to get the Right Talent quickly, a Job Post has some ESSENTIALS.  These are the ones addressed here. If  as a Candidate […]More

  • Posting Resume’ on this Site
    Question :  Hi,I want to share my resume’ in this site topjob.  Pls guide me.Thanks Some thoughts on this : a) This  is an ENGAGEMENT platform. You engage here with us (and thereby raise your visibility with us as well as others ) by : Commenting on what is posted. Asking Questions Maybe even writing articles yourself in your field of interest/ expertise ( talk to us separately for that ). Telling us about your special achievements – your ” Standouts ” which may be featured in a separate section. All above can carry a Link to your LinkedIn profile- […]More

  • Some mistakes are all it takes – to reject a CV
    Some mistakes are all it takes ….. English is indeed a complex language. However, communication skills – which includes proper writing skills are one of the key attributes now of any Executive / Managerial job and are expected to be good, if not excellent. Not only in your CV,  in your daily written reports the mistakes you make convey impressions. And some of these can be VERY damaging to your career and promotions, without anyone even bothering to tell you about it ! In our job as Recruiters we obviously see CVs  ( aka as bio-data, curriculum vitae, precis…) .. […]More

  • Starting a New Section – Learning English !
    English is critical to a good career nowadays ! Yet, in our daily experiences we are seeing SO many examples of incorrect English – sometimes plainly BAD – that we decided to have a separate section for the same . So this Category talks about Learning English – in a fun way, and with many situations pertaining to recruitment and careers. You can also join us ( FREE ! ) on a separate Twitter Account for the same  : Of course , our usual channels are as before and under. ALL are FREE – join in and develop your […]More

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